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"Great atmosphere, really relaxing and enjoyable.  Good breaks, good knowledge and very friendly and welcoming.  You're a star!" M.T.

"Having spent a weekend learning Reiki I, I came away feeling calm, energised and enthusiastic.  Janet is an inspirational Reiki Master.  Two days well spent, highly recommended"  E.B.

"I was open yet skeptical before this workshop as came along with a friend.  However, I have been astounded by the energy I have been able to receive and channel" R.P.

"Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Learnt lot's and gained confirmation on what I already knew. Great teacher, approachable and knowledgeable.  True Master"  E.S.

"Lovely weekend.  Made new friends and re-affirmed existing friendships" D.M.

"Janet is warm and friendly and makes everyone feel at ease.  She is passionate about Reiki which comes across in her teaching". K.L.

"Thank you very much for a great weekend, really enjoyable and so happy to have discovered Reiki.  Already the whole atmosphere, has changed in the house!"  G.A.

"Very relaxed, friendly & welcoming from you arrived until time to leave.  Thanks Jan"

"Very enjoyable experience in a very comfortable environment"


Give yourself the best gift you ever will!

Reiki I workshops are run on a regular basis, enabling you to have the ability to use Reiki energy to first heal yourself, friends and family.  Once you Receive your Reiki I qualification you hold this exciting ability for the rest of your life.  You will have so many chances to use this gift.

Workshops are run in small intimate groups, with lots of time to practice your new healing form on yourself and others.  Reiki is totally safe to use on your children, every family should have a Reiki healer within the home.  Lay your hands on for headache, stomach ache, fever, depression, anxiety.  Reiki is safe, natural healing with no side effects.

The Reiki teachings are based on Dr Usui original teachings which have been used since his discovery in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century.  It is now known today as one of the simplest, most effective healing arts in the world

4th & 5th April 2020.

Sorry cancelled due to Coronavirus



Continue on your Healing Journey

Once you attend your Reiki II Workshop your energy flow will be even stronger, enabling you to send and give healing energy to others.  Universal energy is limitless, so you can channel out without deplating yourself.  Using Reiki has quite the oppositve effect, as you are not using your own energy, you are using an endless supply from the universe.  After giving a Reiki healing session you will feel energised and renewed.

With your Reiki II qualification you will also receive your Level I Seicrem and Masters Level attunement.

For appointments or a free consultation contact Janet by email, phone or FB.


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