Massage Combo

Experience the relaxation of a Reiki healing session.  Your treatment lasts 1 hour and a consultation takes place prior to your treatment.     

Experience being the best possible you!

60 min

Treatment time

6 Treatments and receive a FREE one


"Janet your treatment was amazing in body and mind" S.A.

Reiki I Workshop

Reiki is pronounced "Ray Key" and is an ancient Japanese hands on healing therapy.  Once you complete your Reiki I you have the ability to use Reiki energy to firstly heal yourself, then family and friends.  This workshop is based on the teachings of Dr Usui, and opened to all.

2 Days Training

              SORRY CANCELLED

              DUE TO



Reclaiming Your Inner Mojo!

Anyone out there like myself who wants to have a clearer understanding around what is happening in your life?  We are energy beings drawing to us what we are getting.  Learn how your emotions guide you and why you get lemons in life, and how to turn it around. You may ask if I am an energy being how do I know if my energy being is beneficial to me?  How do you feel most days?  The answer to that question will guide you!

Join us in August and bring your sparkle back....

Go within to receive, this will be a small workshop to allow for social safe distancing.

Heal Your Life

In this transformational workshop originally created by best selling spiritual teacher Louise L Hay, you will discover the mindset that has limited your success in business, financial abundance, intimate relationships, spiritual growth and much more.  Learn to reprogram your subconscious mind and eliminate negative self esteem beliefs.  Be warned this Workshop may just change your life!  

1 Day Saturday workshop with social distancing adhered to at all times.


Louise L Hay

Queen of positivity

For appointments or a free consultation contact Janet by email, phone or FB.


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