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Regular workshops are run on Reiki healing all levels, Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen, Reclaiming Your Inner Mojo, Heal Your Life (Louise L Hay) and Teen emPOWERment.

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We are Energy

We are a moving  vibrational, energetical and spiritual  being, having a human experience. 

Find out how this effects you.


Workshops at Zen Zone are uplifting for the emotional aspects of your life and your physical body.  When you open up, big changes can occur.

Dealing with Emotions

What you think about yourself and your life become true for you.  In any experience in life inquire howe you are thinking in any situation.

You thoughts effect your beliefs about life, and a thought can be changed! 

Hello there!

I have been a holistic therapist for the last twenty three years.  I have learned so much along the way from clients and attendees on my workshop.  Do we allow enough time in our busy lives for stillness, mediatation, and deep emotional and physical healing time? 

I feel blessed in my life to work on a deep level with wonderful people on the same journey we call life.

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