Guidance card for this week. This is for you.....

Angel Numbers!

Pay attention to the signs, your angels are trying to deliver a message.

You see it on the clock, a text message, a license plate, or maybe in an email. Your angels have a message for you.

Pay close attention to all of the signs around you and you will soon have the answers you seek. You may notice repeated numbers everywhere you go. You will know when your angels are communicating with you by the way that you feel. You may even notice goose bumps or chills that run up and down your body.

Whatever sensations you feel when you notice these numbers, they are also a sign to pay attention.

You are under the care and protection of the angels, and you are being divinely guided in all that you do. They are guiding you through synchronistic events and messages that are all around you. Look for synchronicities everywhere you go and don't dismiss them as coincidences. Look for repeated numbers, or number patterns such as 444, 1155, 7799, 9999. Your angels are trying to communicate with you. You are being asked to pay special attention to all that is around you.