Guidance card for this week. This is for you.....

Restored health and healing!

The healing Angels have heard your prayers for improved health. They send healing rays of green light that will assist you or a loved one to heal physical and mental conditions.

The Emerald Green Angel Feather is presented to you as a symbol of health and healing. Archangel Raphael and his band of healing Angels are present in your life at this moment in time. They are imparting a magnificent healing force that assists the body to detoxify, strengthen, balance and harmonise. If the condition involves physical pain, the Angels ask that you utilise some visualisation techniques. In your minds eye see the colour, appearance or describe in words the nature of the pain. Now change the imagery, for example if the colour of the pain is red or orange, then change the colour to blue or green. If the sensation is blue or black then change to red or orange. By simply changing the imagery one can gain control over the pain. Finally hand over the image to the Angels for transmutation.

The Angels are also concerned for those experiencing stress and anxiety. Carefully notice signs given to you from the Angels. You may be guided to a medical practitioner, natural therapist, a meditation class or to a healing crystal. You may also be guided towards walking, breathing exercises, to rest or sleep more or to make dietary changes. Total wellbeing is the combination of a healthy mind, body and spirit!

Affirmation: I am complete health.

I am open to receive healing on all levels.

I focus all my energy towards regaining optimal wellbeing.

Symbols: New life, new growth, calmness.