"Having spent a weekend learning Reiki I, I came away feeling calm, energised and enthusiastic. Janet is an inspirational Reiki Master. Two days well spent, highly recommended" E.B.

"Janet thank you so much for that weekend. Everyone I meet can see in me how much I have changed. It has made a great difference to my whole life. I feel so much more positive, my day is full of positive affirmations. Thank you again for giving me back my life!" G.D.

"I enjoyed every minute of the Zen Zone Workshop. Very relaxed but highly professional and Janet has such a caring loving personality, she make the workshop time fly!" R.M.

"I would recommend a workshop as the course was exceptional as usual for Zen Zone" P.T.

"Reiki is an amazing gift which I believe everyone should treat themselves to! Janet is a wonderful workshop facilitator and I would recommend to anyone on a spiritual healing journey to spend a weekend in her company." O.N.

"Cosy, intimate and enjoyable. You can't improve on perfection." R.T.

"Thank you very much for a great weekend, really enjoyable and so happy to have discovered Reiki. Already the whole atmosphere has changed in the house!" G.A.

"I got so much positive energy from your workshop. You really helped me to confront many of my negative beliefs and what's more, clear them" J.D.

"Janet is a wonderful workshop leader with a lot of in-depth knowledge of energy, self development and emotional literacy. Her workshops provide an excellent, vibrant blend of group work, pair work, visualization and raising energy levels". A.O.

"What a lovely energy! I really connected during the meditation and felt able to let go of those negative beliefs that I have been holding onto. Personally I have lots of tools to take away and help me on my journey". M.C.

"Janet has a wonderful energy that she brought into the workshop group and shared with everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed Janet's workshop and know I have received a lot" L.U.

"Energy, Janet brings energy into the room and there is a constant flow of positive energy felt within the workshop. She presents with ease and love which flows into all participants, very, very enjoyable". L.M.